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Bannwerk Expands!

10. Nov
The Bannwerkers have been working hard to continue developing Project LORE, and there’s still lots to be done. To help out with the workload, a pair of new faces have appeared in the studio lately. We’d like to introduce you to our fantastic new interns, Chris and Diana. Click the arrow below to lern more about them!

Hi, I’m Diana, age 25. I’m an up-and-coming game artist with a focus on 2D, but I’m also very interested in 3D art. I love games and characters, and that’s why I’ve always wanted to study this profession.

Hi, I’m Chris, age 24. I’ve always been interested in games and for that reason want to become a game designer. I’m especially interested in game mechanics and creating 3D models.

We're thrilled to have Chris and Diana on the team and we're very excited to see their additions to the project!
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Hello World!

08. Jun
We are Bannwerk!

Come watch the fun as our tiny developer team works together to build something grand from the ground up! As our first supporters, you have the opportunity to shape the development of our upcoming online multiplayer game with a unique twist!

Thanks for playing, watching, and helping us continue doing what we love! We hope you enjoy yourself as you explore our site, social media platforms, and most of all our games! [Click below to expand this news article and see a fun image from our first days in the new office…]

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